Why do I need to pay to work?

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This is by far our most popular question. And its a very important one that we will be glad to address.

When you service as one of our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs), you are an Independent Contractor, not an employee. You will be in a business-to-business relationship with AssistLight.  
This means that you are self-employed and will be running your own business from home by creating your own micro-call center using our partner’s (Arise) platform.  Your call center will be part of many that are on the AssistLight’s Virtual Call Center network .
In order to service a client, you must go through their certification course in order to gain knowledge of  their systems, call types, policies and practices.  
This is an investment into your own business.  Much like someone who was in medical or law school. They would need to invest into their education in order to become the experts that we go to every day for healthcare and law. Much like how they would go to school to learn their trade, you must as well. 
These Certification courses teach and prepare you how to be successful in becoming a true Customer Service Professional. Once completed you’ll be expertly skilled to provide the services needed for the specific client you choose .
Some items our CSPs are responsible for as Independent Contractors:
  • Equipment that a CSP will be providing Customer Support Services on
  • Client Certification Course fees – Can range between $9 – $249 depending on the client
  • Utilities – phone line, internet service, power, etc…
  • AssistLight Service Fee – Flat fee of $50 per pay period (includes Arise Platform fee)
  • Taxes – As self employed individuals agents are responsible for their own taxes

While AssistLight are not tax professionals, one thing CSPs may want to look into is to check with their local tax professional(s) to see what benefits they may have being self-employed.  One excellent resource to help you learn more about this is the IRS site for Deducting Business Expenses

After passing certification and signing your Independent Contractor Agreement to obtain your Statement of Work (SOW), CSPs will be able to service their client and start earning Service Revenue.  This is much better than having to go from interview to interview hoping that an employer would call you back. Instead CSPs can rest assured that once they pass certification, they can begin servicing to earn Service Revenue (income earned for providing service).
One of the the biggest benefits — out of many—  of working with AsisstLight is that you get to work from home and schedule your service times around your life and not the other way around.  It provides you the freedom and an unsurpassed schedule flexibility that traditional jobs don’t provide today.