General Information

AssistLight hires Independent Contractors to provide Customer Support Services to Fortune 500 Companies. Our contractors are top performing Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) who work from their own home-office. 

[ Please note that this opportunity is not an employment opportunity but an opportunity to form a Business-to-Business relationship with AssistLight.  You would be a self-employed individual using our services and partnership with Arise to leverage your opportunity to work from home. ]

As a CSP you will be working with companies that are in the industries of Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Travel & Hospitality, and many more! 

Customer Support Services included but are not limited to performing the following tasks of Sales - Technical Support - Reservations - Vacation Planning - Records Management 

AssistLight partners with Arise

AssistLight leverages the Arise Virtual Platform in order connect our contractors to clients who are in need of Customer Support Services.   

Servicing Clients

The clients you will provide Customer Support Services to are often leaders in their industries; many are Fortune 500 companies with names you’ll recognize.  As such, they have exciting opportunities, as well as high standards for servicing and performance.

The sooner you complete the Application & Registration process, the sooner you’ll be able to gain access to these opportunities — and the quicker you can start earning an income from home.

You can work with world-class clients in the tax, vacation, office supply, and even theme park industries.

Client Certification Courses

Because our clients have such high standards for servicing and performance, before any of our CSPs can begin servicing a client program,  they must take and successfully complete a client certification course.   

The cost of the courses range between $19 - $250.  Client Certification courses are not paid by Assistlight but an investment the Individual Contractors (CSPs) make in themselves.  The is required by all clients in order to be able to service their account.  

The courses provide information on the client’s systems that CSPs will use during servicing, as well as the performance metrics laid out in the operative Statement of Work and other information about the client program. 

Much like a Doctor or Computer Engineer would invest in a college or certification course to become an expert in their field, our CSPs are required to do the same.  This helps you be successful in being one of our top performing CSPs.  

What to Expect:

Courses range anywhere from 28 days to 8 weeks in length. Each session is normally 4 hours long and in most cases an addition of approximately 2 hours of self-paced work - which may be required to be completed prior to the next day’s class.   100% attendance is required. Everything is virtual. Videos and audio components are built into the online experience. 

Make an Informed Commitment

The Course Certification experience closely reflects the real world. The Opportunity Announcement (OA) will provide you with all the information you need - including information about certification.

We use the OA as a guide to decide whether a given client program is the right opportunity for our CSPs.

Before Expressing Interest in a Client Opportunity,  we suggest that you,

  • -- Take the time to learn about the opportunity inside out. 
  • -- Read through the OA
  • -- Take the time to attend information sessions and ask questions BEFORE you make the commitment to the certification course. 
  • -- Pay attention to the technology and assessments that is required to be eligible to service the client.

What Equipment & Systems are Required?

Having the right equipment is a critical component of a successful Customer Service Professional (CSP).

Please click the following link to view our printable PDF of the System & Equipment Policy 

Printable PDF - System & Equipment Policy 

The policy has ben put together to help ensure AssistLight’s CSPs are set up to effectively service one, or more, of the great client programs that we have available. 

To use the Arise Platform, The system and equipment requirements outlined in the System & Equipment policy must be met.  It is important to remember these are the minimum requirements needed to use the Arise Platform only. 

Certain Client programs may have additional requirements above and beyond the ones listed in this policy. All CPSs should review the Opportunity announcement for the client program that they will be servicing for - in addition to this policy - prior to enrolling in a certification course.

Fees & Payment Structure

Startup Costs

  • -- AssistLight registration and Arise Platform profile creation - Free
  • -- Client Certification Course - $9-$250 (Depending on the client)
  • -- Obtainment of necessary equipment and services - varies (see System & Equipment Policy listed above)

Ongoing Costs

  • -- AssistLight Service Fee - $50 per pay period when you start earning service revenue. (If you don’t earn any income during the pay period, this fee is waived)
  • -- Utility upkeep - varies depending on your service provider

Getting Paid

Payments are made on a Bi-Monthly basis and are distributed a payment period behind. We provide payment by Check or Free Direct Deposit.

Agreements & Paperwork

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The NDA Agreements are contracts through which the parties agree not to disclose confidential information of the other party or the clients (including the client’s customers) to third-parties.

Any information that is provided to you by AssistLight, Arise, or its clients, or others in connection with your provision of services must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone.

Acknowledgement and Waiver Agreement

The Acknowledgement and Waiver Agreement (the “Waiver”) is a contract between AssistLight and each of our CSPs who is providing services on behalf of AssistLight using the Arise Platform.

  • -- The Waiver contains a provision regarding “Arbitration of Claims” as well as a “Class Action Waiver.”
  • -- By signing the Waiver your are agreeing that you will bring any claims against AssistLight, as well as Arise or any client, in arbitration as opposed to in court.
  • -- Your are also agreeing to bring any such claims on an individual basis only (as opposed to bringing a class action, collective action, or any other type of aggregated action).

Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)

An agreement signed between you and AssistLight before your Statement of Work is approved.

  • -- Outlines of relationship between Independent Contractor (Authorized user) and AssistLight LLC (Support Company)
  • -- Platform Usage and Service Fees
  • -- Right to terminate
  • -- Compliance
  • -- Certification Requirements
  • -- Services Rendered

Most Clients require most of the following in order to service:

Background Check

Drug Testing

  • -- Paid for my Arise

Affidavit of Identification 

An Affidavit of Identification can be used to verify your identity or signature. In the Affidavit you provide your personal and identifiable information including legal name, date of birth, home address and a copy of a valid Photo ID. You'll be asked to swear that the information given is true and correct and it will need to be notarized by a qualified professional.

Notaries can be found:

  • -- Banks (some banks offer free notarization if you hold an account with them)
  • -- Local town hall
  • -- Check Cashing locations
  • -- By using a web browser to search “Find a notary near me”


We advise that you read your contracts thoroughly.

As with any legal agreement, AssistLight recommends that you obtain advice of a qualified professional to address any specific legal questions you may have.



  • -- Work from home
  • -- Flexible Scheduling
  • -- Discounts for Military on the first Certification Course
  • -- Certification completion bonus  
  • -- And many more!